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Nature Massage was one of the many massage parlors in Siem Reap. There are probably more massage parlors in Siem Reap than a mere mortal could count. And that is after the pandemic swept through and drove countless shops out of business. Nature Massage was one of the many businesses that shuttered when times get tough. That is why it is possible to report about the place openly now.

While Nature Massage was not necessarily an adult entertainment venue it did attract a number of foreign guys looking for more than just a back rub. That was something they were actually able to find at Nature Massage unlike most other shops that offer hand happy ending if they offer any special services at all.

There are adult oriented massage shops in Siem Reap that are basically fronts for knocking shops. Nature Massage was not that kind of place. It actually had people on staff doing therapeutic massages throughout the building. At the same time there were also women around known for providing punters with full service in private areas.

While Nature Massage no longer operates as it once did in the past it still makes sense to report on the venue. Since it has wrapped up operations it is possible to get into the details without causing any trouble. And since select other places in the city follow a very similar model the information remains totally relevant even today.

Nature Massage in Siem Reap

Nature Massage was located on Sok San Road in the main strip of tourist oriented establishments. It was just a few steps away from the previously reviewed Hat Bar and directly across the street from the popular Red Piano restaurant. So the place was out in the open. And rightly so for a massage shop that was almost entirely oriented to foreigners.

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As with most mainstream places of the sort the store front was mainly glass which gave passersby a glimpse into the lobby. There were several lounge chairs with foot rests that allow for people to get foot massages. A number of women of more or less average looks provided this service.

A female manager cum cashier ran the main desk. She calculated bills and greeted customers in English. She also seemed to be keyed in to the needs of single man customers. When they entered and asked for an oil massage they were led to a private room in the back. So while a western middle aged mom was getting her sore and stinky feet rubbed out front a guy was taken to private room that is literally just a few steps beyond but otherwise a world away.

Staff, service and summary

The lady who ran the place was a somewhat attractive and fit woman in her twenties. The women she called to care of male customers were more run of the mill. Still they were friendly and eager to make extra some money. So that meant they tended to quickly wander from small talk into conversation about special massages once male customers disrobed and get fully covered in oil.

The private rooms were large and surrounded by concrete walls and fully closing and locking doors. That allowed for more activity that can be found at many similar shops of this sort. It also made the rooms mostly sound proof. At least sound didn’t escape to the front lobby and regular massage rooms. Though road and construction noise did continue to seep in from outside.

The gals working the special concession at Nature Massage knew what they were doing and came prepared. They carried latex covers and offered no nonsense full service for one hundred dollars. They would come way down on that price for those who were willing to negotiate though one imagines most unwitting western tourists simply handed over the money requested.

Either way guys got it in multiple positions with no real rush for the agreed upon price. There was no scheming or scamming. So although the price was higher than some other places in the region it was a relatively straight forward procedure. That explains why so many guys wandered in including a number of repeat regulars from the area.

Nature Massage was hardly the best or the hottest sensual service center in the world. Or even in Siem Reap. But it got the job done which is why it was able to continually provide service for some time. It seems that that people coming in for regular back and foot rubs were also pleased with the place since there was no shortage of customers even as the pandemic closed in. Now it is closed. I would given it two stars. But these are different times.