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I started covering the live sex cam scene nearly ten years ago. As a part and parcel of the commercial sex business it clearly deserves attention. Camming has become so well known and mainstream that the word itself is now listed in dictionaries and encyclopedias. So these days more people probably interact with cam models than chat other kind of sex workers.


As has often been the case in recent history the adult entertainment industry paved the way. When the internet became widely available several websites were set up with voyeur cams. Now internet connected closed circuit TV is a norm of every day life. Then as technology improved several webcam sites popped up. Now “live streaming” is a mainstream outlet used by everyone from major news organizations to guys who play video games in front of an audience. Camming is where it’s at. That explains why even Thai go go bars have gotten in on the game and started doing live streams of their own.

Technology and live video has clearly connected the world. Yet some lines have also been blurred in the process. While I am all for an interconnected globe where we can meet each other I can also appreciate different characteristics, practices and individual characteristics in people. That can be wide ranging or narrow in scope depending on the situation.

Think globally, act locally

For example, I am a big fan of Asian sex cams. While I try to be objective in my overall reporting I make no secret of that. Yet there are times when I would like to get more specific than just “Asian”. If I want to practice my Korean or just want to see some sweet thing mutter sweet nothing in Thai while I am stuck in some puritanical wasteland I would love the opportunity to find women from those particular regions.

asian cam model in red lingerieasian cam model in red lingerie

Cam sites typically only let viewers narrow down the models by general region. So a site might have a “European” channel, an “African” channel and an “Asian” channel. This can help somewhat. I say somewhat for two reasons. One is that Asia is a huge continent that spans Russian to Taiwan with everything in between. Another is that a significant number of the models who show up in those channels are not actually Asian!

That’s where Lemoncams comes in. This site allows you to narrow down cam models by country. They actually have a fully functioning and interactive map. When you tap on a particular spot the map shows you the name of the country and the number of models broadcasting from it. This is a fantastic idea! I only wish I had discovered it sooner. It makes browsing Asian sex cams a breeze.

An appreciation for Asian sex cams

As an intrepid world traveler and global sex industry researcher I have a particular interest in interacting with women from all over the world. That includes ladies from well known and popular countries like Thailand but also those off the beaten path. My dauntless efforts have taken me to the edge of the known world and back. It was often in the margins that I found the most interesting people.

Imagine being able to dial right in to a lovely lady from Malaysia who is willing to show you her beautiful breasts over the internet for a few tokens of appreciation. Well you actually don’t have to imagine it anymore. This is now as easy as tapping a few buttons thanks to the combination of modern technology and modern minds. Asian sex cams have really opened up!

There was a time when the mere idea of talking to someone live over a video screen was a sci-fi fantasy. I still remember seeing it on television shows like Star Trek and the Jetsons back when such an idea was relegated to the realm of pure fantasy. Now it is a part of everyday life. This must be how people born during the rise of the telephone or moving pictures must feel. Out with the old, in with the new!

The same can be said of the newer technology itself. When internet video first burst on the scene we were all amazed. I saw a short low resolution porn clip on my computer screen in the late 1990’s and felt like I was rediscovering sex videos. Looking back at the video now would be laughable. Going back to the old model of watch cam models probably would be too. Things keep changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I guess it is all subjective. But I don’t know a man alive who wouldn’t want to be able to immediately access naked women from any country on earth without even leaving their bedroom.